From a Wartorn Continent….heroes emerge.

It is the year 998 YK. ……………….

The war has been over some two years. The nations are beginning to come together, peace seems to have settled over the lands. The treaty of Thronehold has given the land many more borders and voices.

Breland as usual prospers. King Boranel is beloved and the council rules the land with a just hand unseen throughout the rest of Khorvaire. Aundair is aloof and high browed. The serene lands are not as vast as they had been with the solidifing of the Reaches borders. Thrane is even more closed off than before. The Church of the Silver Flame pulling its borders and followers close. The gem of the empire, Cyre, is no more, replaced by a blight. The mournland sits in the middle of the continent, a reminder to the cruelty of war….

The Diplomats

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