Eberron Holidays

Sun’s Blessing15th Therendor
A celebration of Dol Arrah, and a day of peace in which enemies set aside differences.

Aureon’s Crown26 Dravago
A ceremony of knowledge, with lectures and sermons. This has become a day for secular events such as graduation ceremonies.

Blightblade12 Nymm
A day of athletic competitions and gladiatorial contests, dedicated to Dol Dorn

Festival of Olladra4 Lharvion
As tribute to the mercurial goddess of Feast and Fortune Olladra, various merchant guilds hold and annual celebration, filled with games of chance and prize giveaways to those lucky few.

The Hunt4 Barrakas
A day of communal hunts, often of particularly dangerous beasts, in celebration of Balinor.

Boldrei’s Feast9 Rhann
A celebration of community featuring great feasts and extravagant parties. It is also a day of secular elections.

Eberron Holidays

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