The Diplomats

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Session #1: May 13th, 2011

21st Olarune:

Captain Daruun sends word of raiding parties from Droaam invading western Breland. The Diplomats headed northwest of Ardev. After some scouting, they were on the trail. Seems a warband of Gnolls has been raiding and pillaging. The group caught up to them on a bluff on the evening of the 21st. It was a chill late winter night, and the gnolls were all hudled around a large fire, seemingly tipsy from some of the Ale they’d stolen from a settlement.

Lukenbach called upon the might of Dol Arrah, his voice suddenly fierce in the clear night air. A pillar of fire descended from the heavens, filling the gnoll encampment with light and flame. Skarn, Weasel and Beta rushed the group as the fire recoiled. The gnolls yelped out in pain, but rose to their paws with trained quickness. Unseen at this point, a massive Minotaur at the back in the shadows of the trees and firelight stepped up, charging Beta and knocking him prone, the beast’s horns all the while whipped back and forth looking for a target to impale.

The gnolls came forward, surrounding Skarn and Weasel. The gnolls were tripping the heroes, bringing their weapons down hard upon their backs. Al came forth, shouting jeers and singing forth chants that empowered the group. The gnolls and their Minotaur compatriot fell under the might of the group. Their numbers were enough to tax the group, but their years of fighting together had forged them into a well trained fighting unit.

Within the gnolls camp their found a few things of note: coins, some jewels and a magical candle, which would prove useful in rituals. They also found a note, which told of a creature named Dwarreg, in the cogs who was to be of use to the Gnolls masters. This gave the Diplomats a clue, and a destination. The cogs were a district in the City of Towers. They realized that time was of essence and rode east to meet the Lighting Rail to take them south to Sharn. It was a two day ride, before a twelve hour train ride.

24th Olarune:
Arriving in Sharn, the Diplomats headed to the House Vadalis Stables. There they could stable their rare magebred horses indefinately for free. Having in the past done work for the house, and with specially inscribed bridles, marked them as being House Supporters.

Al was finally home. He breathed in the air, and knew just were to go. His streetwise nature was at work within minutes. He talked to this urchin, dropped a word in that merchants ear, and they were soon on the trail of this Dwarreg supposedly a recent addition to the walls of Sharn, a seemingly disgruntled dwarf from Cliffside, the neighborhood surrounding the harbour outside the city walls. He had shown up in the Cogs a few months back, talking tales meant to stir up anarchy and upheavel.

The group was ready to press on to the market where he was said to be, when Luke put a hand on his chin, seemingly not believing the cup maker, whom they had been questioning, was telling his whole tale. Beta, noticing his half-elven party members look, pressed the shopkeeper. Leaning over the counter, the warforged got in the face of the wiry looking human merchant. “WHAT ELSE DO YOU KNOW”, he yelled.

The man, almost in tears at the fierce display of the barbarian, muttered, "he..he…he told of Demons…I was listenting to him…you know, us folk down here in the cogs, we’re forgetten so often by those above.. here we are making a living…well trying to… and the things he was saying…Change he said, change!! But then he talked of forces from beyond, and i was out. I ain’t not demon lover…no sir.”


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